Make Money Selling T-Shirts on the Street

If you’re like most people, you may be looking for a way to supplement your current income. One way to do this is to sell goods in busy areas, like the streets of a city. Once you decide to pursue this method of collecting extra income, you’re going to need to decide what you want to sell. This can be tough. You’re going to want to choose something that doesn’t already have a lot of vendors. In other words, you need to find your niche. While busier areas offer more opportunity for sales, they also have the problem of oversaturated markets. You might find that just about everything you could think of to sell is already being sold by someone else. There is an easy way to find a niche, though.

Everybody loves t-shirts. If you can design a t-shirt that will appeal to the people in the area that you are selling in, you’re sure to make a lot of money. Unlike selling antiques, firewood, or used books, t-shirts of sale allows you to quickly move into a niche. If you design your t-shirts that are unique and eye-catching, you shouldn’t have a problem achieving at least some level of success. Now that you’ve decided to start selling t-shirts, you’re going to need to start taking actions.

Figure Out Your Local Laws

You don’t want to run into legal problems on your first day. Your first step should be to determine what local and state laws will affect your business operations. You may need to get a permit to sell in that area. The best way to find out about any applicable laws is to contact a small business development center in the area. If you can’t find one of these groups, contact your local government agency. Once you know what you need, take the necessary steps to acquire the necessary paperwork.

Purchase a Cart to Operate From

You’ll need to figure out how to present your product to your potential customers. If you want to do this on the cheap, you might pick up a simple folding table. For better portability, you ought to purchase a dedicated street cart.

Design Your T-Shirt and Order It

Come up with an eye-catching design for your t-shirt. Make sure it doesn’t infringe on any existing trademarks or copyrights. Once you have your design, you can order it from a printing shop. Make sure to order the correct distribution of sizes based on your intended market base. Your t-shirt supplier may be able to help with this.

Promote Your Business

Promotion is no longer a pricey business. You can use the power of social media to generate powerful word of mouth. Offer an “opening day” special to draw a crowd. The bigger your first group is, the more likely other people are to stop by and see what the big deal is. Just make sure you aren’t offering a sale price that will put you in debt. Look at a good example business, street workout training. They are the best when it comes to promoting their business.

Take it to the Street

It’s finally opening day. Get yourself looking good, and make sure you’re sporting one of your new shirts. Hype everyone up which passes by you. This is no time to be a wallflower. You’re now well on your way to having your own successful t-shirt business.